Are you looking for an elegant finish for your ceiling and / or wall? Then choose a ceiling frame (also called cove frame).Connect the corners of your wall and ceiling with each other and create a completely finished space! We offer many different types of ceiling frames. Small or large ceiling moldings, wide ceiling moldings or narrow ceiling moldings, with various onlays. Easy to assemble and of high quality. Our ceiling moldings can be fitted in any interior and are timeless. Ceiling moldings can be used in both a modern and classic interior. A ceiling frame creates unity in your space and provides an attractive finish.In addition, ceiling moldings also have a practical function, because you can easily cover cables or bumps with them. Our ceiling moldings are made of plaster and we offer some shapes in plastic (PU) aa. Ceiling moldings are supplied in lengths of 1 meter, 1.20 meters or 1.50 meters.

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