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LED Candle E14 clear tip 0.6 Watt 2500K (dimmable)

LED Candle E14 clear tip 0.6 Watt 2500K (dimmable)

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LED Candle light with 0.6 Watt capacity, comparable to the light output of a 7 Watt incandescent light. The LED candle lamp is dimmable and therefore a perfect replacement for the incandescent candle light.

Perfect colour rendering due to a colour temperature of 2500K, no cool blue LED light, but warm.

Power: 0.6 Watt

Burning hours: 25,000

Colour temperature: 2500K and 100 lumen light output

This LED has been specially developed for DroomKroonluchter.

  • Product Code: LT22-006W14T
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  • € 8.95

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