Lampholder Opal Frosted Mat for Chandelier

Sold out Lampholder Opal Frosted Mat for Chandelier - Chandelier parts
Inner diameter26,3mm
Outer diameter29,5mm
Height85 mm
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Opal Glass holder as a cover over metal lampholder for extra luxurious appearance

The white plastic lampholder fits well with your chandelier, because by simulating the effect of a dripping candle, the chandelier gets the classic look that goes with it. To order the correct lampholder, it is important that you determine both the inner size and the outer size. The inner size is the minimum size required to fit over the fitting, and the outer size can be important to fit a bowl over it, for example. The length of the lampholder is also important. If it is too short, part of the fitting is visible. If it is too long, the lamp can no longer be screwed into the fitting. 

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